Friday, November 9, 2012


Hey everyone! Follow our new blog!!!!!! please please please follow! Love you all :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Peace and blessings...peace...and...blessings (glozell style)

I just want to start off by explaining and, with much joy, sharing, all of the wonderful, exciting, eye-opening, and most inspiring memories and experiences I have been a part of this year so far! As it has been well almost 8 months since my last post, there is much much MUCH to catch up on for you few readers of mine. (even though you all probably already know what is up) So when I started writing this post I was going to go month by month on what you all missed out on. I realized that doesn't matter. I'll keep it short and sweet and fill you in on the JUICY details! So, to start, I FINALLY finished my Associates Degree! It took me waiting 2 whole years, and then failing the first time to finally get my head in the game and barely pass. But i'm so grateful I did! Now the next goal is to finish my Bachelors and receive a license in personal training! I have also been blessed to stay working full-time while out of school. I worked at Salon Vox for 7 months and just recently got hired on at Sports Clips here in Orem so that I can work closer to home and save on gas money. Why would I need to work closer to home you say?? Well, that is because I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!!!! Holy monkey tush, yes! Shane proposed on Memorial Day, our 1 year anniversary of dating, and we couldn't be more excited and or happy about it! We are getting sealed on October 20th, in the Las Vegas LDS Temple, and it will be the best day ever. 10-20-12! So, as of right now we are just going crazy trying to work full-time, save money up so we can buy new things for our cute little HOUSE!, and also find time to spend with each other while we aren't stressed and frustrated about every little thing. To be honest though, we have been SO blessed and I know that it is because we are both being careful, paying our tithing, and attending church meetings. I promise that if you are doing your very best, Heavenly Father WILL take care of the rest. I have witnessed it. So sorry there are no pictures in this post, I will have some soon hopefully! I got a new camera for Christmas and have only used it ONCE. So I will be putting it into good use once we square things away at our new home. Ok, readers, some of you may hate happy-go-lucky posts about marriage and all the "cute" stuff, and I'm sorry. I use to be in your shoes actually. But to be honest, I GUARANTEE that you will do the same once that time comes. If it doesn't well then my bad and you can punish me for this disgustingly adorable new post. Trust me, I'm sure more are to come. Love you all. Leave me some love and I will do the same.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Fatty Mc Fat Pants

So I worked out today for about 20 minutes, and this is how I felt.


Now that's really sad. BUT, it's starting somewhere right?


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy new year of 2012 everyone! Wasn't 2011 kind of a strange year? I feel it was...
It went by fast but i feel nothing extraordinary happened! But 2012... doesn't that just sounds like a good year? I think a lot of wonderful things are to come for everyone!

New year resolutions?
..I believe I mentioned one in my previous post, but I have come up with a few more that seem a little more ..... realistic I suppose.

So, of course I want to lose the weight I've gained back in the past year. But, instead of just losing it, I want to change my habits so I can keep it off the rest of my life (or at least know how to lose it). 
1. Exercise at LEAST 2-3 times a week. 
-This will be very doable with a job and school. 

2. Attend the temple once a week.
-Very doable!

3. Receive my Associates Degree
-Three years in the making...

4. Get this cute boy next to me to make our happiness together more permanent and forever. 
-Don't worry, i'll be as patient as I need too. :)

Goodness, I just think he is so handsome!

He tolerates my crazies...

And I tolerate just kind of works that way.

I want to hear everyone else's new year resolutions! Tell me your hobbies, your pointers, your wishes, your dreams! I'm so excited for what's to come this year! Are you??

Monday, December 12, 2011

Here it comes again!!!

Well everyone, since my last post I have finally graduated from cosmetology school!!!! I graduated right before Thanksgiving which was probably the smartest thing for me to do. I went to Vegas in a tiny Nissan car with 5 of us packed in there like sardines. It was uncomfortable, but once I stepped out of that car and into a wonderful big hug from my sweetheart, then that achy 5 hour drive melted away.

It was probably one of the best Thanksgivings I've ever experienced away from home.

I love Shane's family to death. I felt so at home and extremely comfortable the entire time. We went to Shane's Aunt Lynn's beautiful home and I got to meet extended family, while being introduced to a few new fun games. After dinner Shane and I went to Walmart and stood among the crazies of Black Friday so Shane and his buddies could get their new video game. Luckily, our friends Mitchell and Whitney came, so Whitney and I decided to post up in the Mcdonalds and just have some girl time and talk while the boys raged in the chaotic mess of lines.

Once we were done we decided to head back home and watch a movie to end the night. The rest of the week just included visiting friends, sushi, lots of leftovers, move games, watching tv and relaxing, and tons of cuddling with my man. Couldn't have gotten any better.

Once I came back from Thanksgiving I had no clue what to do with all of my free time! Going from 13 hour days at school to not having anything to do kind of threw me for a loop. I finally was BORED and it drove me nuts. Luckily I started the job search and received two interviews at a salon in American Fork. I will hear back from them after the Christmas break and hopefully I will have a part-time job cutting hair!
It stinks not having a job to support myself. I feel so useless and irresponsible it kills me. BUT, i'm so grateful for my parents who have been helping me out this past year while in school, and I will stop at nothing to make sure I work hard and pay them back somehow. I owe so much to them and hope that I work just as hard for my future kids to allow them to have the luxeries I have.

Christmas is coming up fast and there is so much that needs to be done!
I lost my drivers license, so I will be getting a UTAH license now instead of my original Iowa one. I fly home on the 20th and will be so excited to see my family and friends that I haven't seen for over 6 months. It will be a wonderful break, but fortunately/unfortunately Shane will be in Vegas with his family. I will miss that man. Even if im gone for only 8 days.

If only we were married.....haha.

Isn't it nuts that it's almost 2012?? I've been thinking about what kind of new years resolution i might make this year.... and I finally came up with one...

...become an adult.

Strange I know...and WHO would want that? Well, to be honest I do. I want to have a full-time job to support myself, I want to be able to set my own schedule and work my butt off to become the person that I want to be. Permanently. I want to be ready to be married and start a family. I want to fulfill my desires once and for all.

I'm so excited for this to get started. It will be SO hard, I know that more than anything. But, i'm so ready.

Also, if anyone needs prays/love/a helping hand/or a friend. Please just know that I am more than willing to be there. Let me be your lifelong friend. Let me there for you. Since you all have been there for me!

God bless, happy holidays, and I will most likely see you in the new year. :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Girl Pants

Well, what a change of events this has led me to! I'm sorry to all of those who try to follow me, yet there is nothing to follow. Unfortunately I feel that all my posts end up starting with the same introduction. "I've been too busy", "I'm just lazy.", "There has been a lot of crazy things happening around here." And my excuse this time????


I'm trying to graduate from cosmetology school here in the next 5 weeks. How crazy is that?! Pretty soon I'll have to change my "About Me" after I start the next chapter of my life. Whichever that will be; I'm so excited.

Oh, and did I mention there's a man in my life? Yeah, he is and has been such a blessing to me since I've moved out here. I can't tell you how many times I would get flustered or frustrated about the littlest things and he's always there to put my head on straight, hold me close, and show me that everything is ok. My stupid car has broken down or had problems like 5 times. If he wasn't around, I would have no clue what do to half the time. He's taught me so much, not just with cars but with other things. He's a teacher. He is so goofy too, totally out of my comfort zone sometimes but I LOVE it. He's helping me be a little less insecure day by day. He is absolutely gorgeous. I can't get enough of him. Attraction is a good thing, no? Yeah, I think he's sexy. He has such a wonderful personality. Everyone loves him to pieces once they meet him. Oh, and you know how us girls have that time when we get all emotional and sometimes on the verge of crazy? He knows when that happens, yet he loves me enough to stick around through those times. Who could ask for anything more?

He is my best friend.

I miss home. I miss my family, my friends, and just the easy-going living out there. I forget how hectic the world is when i'm there. It's some sort of oasis almost......filled with corn and livestock. I know i most likely won't ever go back to live there, but it's a wonderful place to visit and just relax. Give me home; give me family.
Overall, life is good here in Utah. I have nothing to complain about for the most part. It's just about that time for me to put my big girl pants on and start a new life of work, love, and independence.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let's just take it slow...

It feels great to be back in the blogging scene!!!! NO, I didn't purposefully stop updating, but I have been on a constant roller coaster lately that hasn't allowed me to do so.
There has been SO much going on in the past months since my last post! Oh where do I start.....

In summary this is what has happened:

School....and skipping school
Roadtrip to Las Vegas!
Meeting my best friend's fiance (I totally approve)
Unemployment.....then employment....then unemployment....and finally...... employment
Ran a Triathlon!
Lots and lots of volleyball
New church callings
Messy apartment/room
Reading a few books (which aren't even close to being finished and are still on my nightstand)
Lots of wonderful new friends
Roadtrip to Rexburg!
Missionaries came home
Missionaries leaving

If anyone wants specifics on a certain topic....let me know and i'll see what I can make out of it!

So, I am suppose to graduate in about 5-6 months from Cosmetology school. How crazy is that?! I definitely feel that I am becoming more confident and comfortable with this career. I still have no idea what I want to do once I graduate though. There are so many stinkin' options for me right now! I don't want to say those options yet....i still have a lot of pondering and such about them. But I will definitely fill you all in once the time comes!!

In the meantime, please watch and enjoy this absolutely romantic video. I hope my future husband loves me as much as this man loves his fiance. :)

LUCK - NYC Wedding Proposal from Aria Melody DJ on Vimeo.